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USB 3.0 6-Port Repeater/Hub


While the USB 3.0 tether connection on many newer cameras is fantastically fast, between the camera, cables and the host computer, there can be lots of errors. Eliminate lost connections, slow transfers and other tethering headaches. This hub works both self-powered and with the included optional AC adapter. If you are just capturing with one camera, the hub can power itself and adequately boost the signal for fast tethered shooting. If you plan on adding several self-powered drives or other accessories, we recommend using the AC adapter to make sure there is no signal loss.

+ 6 Port USB 3.0 Super Speed Hub
+ Comes with USB cable and optional external power supply
+ Eliminates lost connections and slow transfers
+ Fully shielded and reduces cross talk and interference with aluminum undermold contacts
+ Works great for Nikon D800 D800E D810, Phase One IQ140 IQ160 IQ180 IQ250 IQ260 IQ280, Canon 5Ds, 7D Mark II
+ Backward compatible with USB 2.0 devices and cameras
+ Hub measures 4×2.375x.625″

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