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Monthly Archives: September 2012

Mesmerizing Star Trails Timelapse

These scenes are created by stacking a sequence of long-exposure, high-resolution digital photographs in Adobe After Effects and allowing each photograph to linger on the screen for a short duration of time before fading. The resulting “Startrails” video captures the actual motion and apperance of light; nothing has been added with respect to computer generated graphics.” Startrails Timelapse Carolina from Daniel Dragon Films on Vimeo. ‎"Startrails Timelapse Carolina" Filmed at Huckleberry Knob and Salvo, N.C.; the far eastern and western edges of North Carolina. Print of the main image available here: This is what I did with 2 years worth of static star timelapses that might have otherwise went unseen. If this gets a decent amount of views, then I'll follow up with a tutorial on how to do this in After Effects.

Funny stuff for you Instagram peeps

The only iPhone 5 case in existence (so far)

We were playing around with the CNC this weekend and designed and cut an aluminum bumper case for the iPhone 5. One of things we liked about the original iPhone was no hard edges (more like an iPad). But both the iPhone 4 and 5 have these hard edges all the way around and they really are un-Apple like. This case is minimalist as it gets rid of the edges and gives the iPhone just enough protection against drops and falls.

DigiLegs for the DigiPlate Now Shipping

We've been working on a few add-ons to the DigiPlate system. The first of which are DigiLegs. With the DigiBase and a hard drive or two mounted on the bottom of the DigiPlate, the bottom can get uneven when you just need to set everything down during setup and teardown. The DigiLegs help level everything out. We just leave ours on all the time. You can see more details here. DigiLegs for the DigiPlate

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