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Monthly Archives: January 2013

Great Documentary on Legend Photographer Jay Maisel

How to Add Light Flare and Light Rays in Photoshop

Phlearn has some great Photoshop tutorials. If you haven't seen them before, check them out here. Here's a great one on adding light flare and light rays:

Managing Hard Sunlight by Joe McNally

Joe McNally and Adorama TV have posted a great video on how to shoot portraits in hard sunlight.

Colour Grading With Curves

This how-to tutorial is fantastic. Without going into a crazy amount of layers, SLR Lounge shows you how to use the Curves adjustment layer in Photoshop to do some color grading that is super simple but very effective. Most of use curves to adjust tones and exposure but not color. At about the five minute mark in the video is where it gets really interesting.

Behind the Scenes of the Sigma Lens Factory

Very nicely done behind the scenes of the Sigma lens factory. After you watch this video, you'll realize why lenses are so expensive.

Behind the Scenes – How Film is Developed and Printed

Not that many people shoot 35mm film and get prints anymore, but it's a pretty interesting process and very well documented and explained by Leigh Diprose.

Photographs of Indoor Clouds

Artist Berndnaut Smilde creates real clouds indoors and photographs them. Below is one sample. Below that is a video of one in action. Visit his web site here.

Light Painting Smoke Effects Tutorial

Here's a cool tutorial on creating smoke effects. Looking at the image you might think you need some pretty expensive equipment and Hollywood magic but all the tools to make the image are pretty easy and cheap to get.

Wedding Photographer Nelson Tang Bullied and Extorted by Attorney Client

This is probably one of the craziest lawsuits we have ever seen. It seems wedding photographer Nelson Tang shot  a wedding for a client who happens to be an attorney. After the wedding, the client posts close to 1,000 images on Facebook and receives many compliments. Shortly thereafter, the client sues Tang for the photos being terrible. And this is no ordinary lawsuit. The client is using shady scare tactics to try to extort the money from Tang. Here's a video by Gary Fong explaining the whole ordeal: A copy of the letter from the attorney to Tang is posted here. If you want to help out Tang, a legal fund has been started here.

Red Bull Stratos: The Camera Systems Behind the Jump

Here's a little behind the scenes video of how they documented the famous Red Bull Stratos jump. Many people probably think it was just a bunch of GoPro cameras but it was so much more complex than that.

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