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Monthly Archives: March 2013

Chronophotography Creates a Whole New World of Slow Motion Video

In the late nineteenth century, a photographic technique called "chronophotography" began to develop, whereby multiple photographs would be taken in rapid succession to study the movement of a given subject. Eadweard Muybridge famously filmed a horse in motion in 1878, providing the world with its first taste of motion pictures when the images were displayed on a spinning zoetrope. A chorus of women are borne from the movements of a single dancer in this dreamlike "pas de trente-deux." "Choros" premiered at Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival in 2012 and has gone on to play dozens of festivals worldwide. Choros from Michael Langan on Vimeo.

Why You Can’t Take Stills from Motion Footage

A few years ago everyone freaked out when the RED camera came out. "OMG! The resolution is so high that you can shoot video and then just pull the stills for your print work!" While, in theory, that may work. But it doesn't work in real life because your frame rates are very different for still photography versus video. And we have tried to explain this to many people but they just look at us dumbfounded and say, "But the resolution is so high on the RED you can just pull stills." But finally someone as put together a video which shows why that theory does not work unless you want to compromise either the stills or the motion footage. Check out the video:

Expert Advice: Marketing to Fine Art Galleries

Sean Stone of Wonderful Machine has put together a great guide on how to get your work in front of fine art gallery owners. Sean used to manage art galleries so he has first-hand experience on the subject. See his guide here and also another "what not to do" guide here.

Pricing Your Work: Magazine Photography

Photoshelter and Wonderful Machine CEO have put together an invaluable 14 page guide on how to price your photography for magazine and editorial work. If you are new to editorial photography or just want to know the "rules" of the game, this is an absolutely fantastic start. You can download it here.

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