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Monthly Archives: June 2013

Advice/How to: Joey L. Creates an Indoor Blizzard

Joey L. has a great post on his blog showcasing a recent shoot where he created an indoor blizzard. While the how to portion of the blog post is very informative, his advice on why you should be doing test shoots on your own time is really the best part of the post. Below is a BTS video but be sure to check out his blog post here to read what he has to say and also see the many BTS stills.

Explore the World’s Tallest Building with Google Street View

Google took it's Street Trekker and Trolley to the Burj Khalifa and made a virtual tour of the entire building. The video below explains the process and the Street View tour can seen here.

How to: The Invisible Black Background

Photographer Glyn Dewis shows you how to create a great black background for portraits without actually going through all the trouble to set up a bunch of stands and roll out a big old black background.

How to Sharpen in Photoshop by Lauri Laukkanen

Photographer and Photoshop guru Lauri Laukkanen takes you step-by-step on the best ways to sharpen your images. He discusses the differences of using Hi Pass vs. Smart Sharpen vs. Unsharp Mask.

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