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Monthly Archives: December 2013

Award for the Best Use of a DigiPlate Lite Goes to…

These images come to us from one of our favorite DigiTechs, Johnny Tergo. We're pretty sure this is the first time a DigiPlate Lite with a DigiBase has been used to mount a NASA space helmet to a c-stand so that it could be photographed. If anyone else has any great DigiPlate shots in action (whether they are being used to hold a laptop or not), we'd love to see them!

How to Make a Super Macro Lens with Some Tape

Did you ever have those snowflake Christmas tree ornaments that were clear plastic or glass and perfectly symmetrical? We did when we were kids and as pretty as they were I never thought a snowflake actually looked that perfect. Well, it turns out they really do look like that. Alexy Kijatov has a blog post where he not only shows some pretty awesome macro pictures of snowflakes but shows you how he did it by taping an old lens to his camera to do it.

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