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Monthly Archives: January 2014

How To Use AF-On for a Faster Autofocus Workflow

This may be remedial for some people but we just came across this and have either forgotten about this little gem or really never discovered it all. Steve Perry has a great little how-to video on improving your workflow when shooting with autofocus by utilizing the AF-On button and disabling focus on the shutter button half-press.

Photo Recovery – How to undelete data from erased or formatted memory card

We've all done this once or twice before—deleted images or formatted a memory card by accident. There is some software out there that can recover your images but even the best ones don't always get the job done (and the software is not always cheap!). But now Canon5Dtips has a writeup of how to do recover those images using some software that is absolutely free. The software is called PhotoRec and the writeup on how to do it all can be found here on Canon5Dtips' web site.

DIY Wireless Camera Control for Canon and Nikon DSLRs over Android WIFI for $30

Here's a really cool DIY way to get wireless monitoring and control for you Nikon and Canon DSLR. The below video gives you a pretty good overview of how it works and what it can do. After watching that, be sure to visit for the complete instructions and firmware updates which are necessary to make it all work.

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