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80MPH Extreme Clamp Test

This test was probably was more for fun and geekdom than necessity but we did it anyway. We did the shake test yesterday and you saw that the clamps really aren't going to let go of your laptop. Today we mounted the DigiPlate to the roof of a car and cruised up the 110 in LA and did the extreme DigiPlate clamp test. Check out how robust the laptop clamps are:

DigiPlate Clamp Shake Test

Last week we progressed the DigiPlate to a prototype stage (version 3) that we think is pretty robust and so this week we are testing it almost every day in real world shooting situations. Here's a video showing how well the clamps grip the laptop to the plate. The clamps have a special rubber from 3M that is very thin and also very grippy.

DigiPlate is now on Kickstarter

We’ve decided to go full tilt on the DigiPlate and have put it on Kickstarter to hopefully make it a reality. Check it out and help spread the word. Thanks!

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