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How to Avoid USB Tether Disconnects and Other Fantastic Problems

USB tethering with your camera has been around for many years. But as fantastic as it is, it comes with it’s share of headaches; corrupt files, dropped connections, slow transfers. The biggest culprit is low voltage in your USB bus. Moving large amounts of data requires some power on the USB bus. When the voltage falls below spec levels, then you will start to experience issues. Sometimes with USB 3.0, when your computer sees the low voltage, it will automatically downgrade your bus speed to USB 2.0 speeds (10x slower) to compensate.

We created a 6-port hub/repeater that works either self-powered or with an included AC adapter. Simply put the unit inline with your tether cable and it will keep you shooting all day long. As a self-powered repeater, it will take the power on the USB bus and amplify/repeat the power so that you can use 30+ foot long tether cables all day long. Since it is a 6-port hub, if you use multiple cameras or connect a couple self-powered drives, you’ll want to connect the AC adapter as your USB bus will probably not be able to power all the devices.

The repeater is USB 3.0 SuperSpeed and backward compatible with USB 2.0 devices. You can see complete specs here.


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