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Powrbloc USB-C MacBook Power Adapter that Uses Batteries You Probably Already Have

Your MacBook is power hungry. At home or in the office, it’s easy to plug in and feed the MacBook some power. On the road, it’s not that easy—until now.

Powrbloc can use readily available batteries like V-Mount batteries, Anton Bauer batteries and the cigarette lighter socket in your car. Unlike most battery power adapters, Powrbloc can feed the MacBook Pro the 87 watts of power that it craves.

Powrbloc comes in two styles: Catalyst and Injector. The Catalyst has a full size V-Mount or Anton Bauer Gold Mount battery plate and the Injector is a smaller version that can plug into different power sources.

Powrbloc Catalyst V-Mount Edition
Powrbloc Catalyst V-Mount Edition
Powrbloc Catalyst Anton Bauer Edition
Powrbloc Injector P-Tap Edition

If you are not from the commercial photo or motion picture world, you may not be familiar with V-Mount or Anton Bauer batteries or P-Tap (Power Tap) power sources. V-Mount and Anton Bauer batteries can bought and rented in just about every city in America. V-Mount are even more common overseas. They come in all kinds of capacities from 50Wh to 300Wh or more. If you need a bunch for a project, it may be more economical to rent them. If you want a couple of your own, here’s some links to some V-Mount and Anton Bauer mount batteries:

V-Mount Batteries: B&H Photo / Amazon
Anton Bauer Batteries: B&H Photo / Amazon

Catalyst V-Mount Edition powering a MacBook Pro and charging an iPad and iPhone.
The Catalyst has two mounting holes that are 7″ on-center which makes it easy to mount to the DigiPlate laptop mounting system.
The Injector using a common car cigarette lighter port to charge a MacBook Pro.

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