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Sukecchi: Multi-Function Sketch Tool



At home it’s great when you have all your sketching tools at your disposal—rulers, compass, t-square, etc. On the road, it’s not really convenient to lug around all those tools. Sukecchi is a credit card size ruler (both imperial and metric), straightedge, t-square, compass, protractor, set-square and more that fits in your pocket or wallet. Learn more about Sukecchi here.

+ Protractor 5˚ increments
+ Compass circles .25” to 6” in diameter
+ Draws parallel lines
+ T-square
+ Corner rounder 1/32 1/16 1/8 1/4 radiuses
+ Ruler imperial & metric
+ Straightedge
+ Same dimensions as a credit card
+ RFID blocker
+ 6061 non-bendable aluminum
+ Laser marked for permanence
+ Made in the USA

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