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The most common questions we get are in regards to the stands, clamps and other mounting equipment that people see in our product photos and behind-the-scenes photos. Unfortunately, you won’t find most of these items in your regular camera store as most of these items are used more by professionals. You can easily get these items online at sites like B&H but with their enormous catalog they may be hard to find if you don’t know what you are looking for. So here’s a little run down on some of the common mounting grip equipment you’ll see here on Nine-Volt.

The Rolling Stand
Rolling stands work great with the DigiPlate. Most are too big and wide as their legs stick out so much you’ll end up tripping over them most of the day. The one you see a lot in our photos is the Avenger A5017. It is lightweight, folds up to the size of a large Gitzo tripod and the legs don’t stick out too far. When shooting tethered to a rolling stand we recommend putting a sand bag or two on the base to make sure it doesn’t tip over. Also, most rolling stands have locking wheels—don’t use the locks when shooting tethered to your DigiPlate because if you pull too hard on your tether (no matter how much sand is the base), you could pull it over. With the wheels unlocked the stand will just roll a little and everyone on set will start yelling “Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!” and then you’ll figure out what’s going on.

DigiPlate on roller stand

The Cardellini / Matthellini
Most pro photographers and film guys refer to this clamp as a Cardellini as it was named after the guy that invented it. But he sold it to Matthews so know it’s called the Matthellini. This is one of our favorite clamps as you can clamp it to just about anything. Not only does it work great for the DigiPlate but it works great for your lights and anything else that will mount on a baby-pin. It comes with jaws from two to six inches and you can even get extensions to go wider (really great way to put a light on a 12 inch wide overhead beam). You can see a selection of these clamps here.


The Magic Arm
The Magic Arm is an articulating arm with a Super Clamp (also know as Mafer Clamps) on each end. The Magic Arm can be very hand when you need to mount your DigiPlate on something that is not horizontal so you can articulate and level out your DigiPlate. Before we had the DigiBracket we used to use the Magic Arm to mount the DigiPlate to a tripod. You can find a variety of different configurations of the Magic Arm here.


The Trusty Tripod
The tripod is probably the easiest and most economical way to mount your DigiPlate especially if you have an extra one laying around not being used. It’s a simple as attaching a tripod quick release plate to the bottom of your DigiPlate and then attaching it to the tripod. Using this method you can get into a DigiPlate system by buying just a DigiPlatePro or DigiPlateLite and a set of laptop clamps and you are good to go.


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